Romeleåsen hiking day trip from Malmö

You want to get out into nature and explore Sweden’s natural beauty – you’ve come to the right place.
It is very easy to get to Genarp/Romeleåsen (read more about those areas below). The area offers some of the best trail hiking you can find within an hours bus ride from Malmö.
So what are you waiting for? Lets go to Romeleåsen for a hiking day trip from Malmö!

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Romeleåsen hiking day trip from Malmö
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The Area


This is an area of southern Sweden comprised of a hilly area surrounded plains or fields. As with most of Sweden you will also find some dense forest in the area. It also sits in the middle of four towns that are your main access points to the area – one of which is Genarp.

The Romeleåsen website informs us that the highest point is 186 meters above sea level. We have been there ourselves many times to witness the hills featuring small fields, stone walls, forests and lakes.
There are also many estates in the area that put their distinctive mark on the surrounding landscapes.

A street map showing a purple boarder outlining the edge of the Romeleåsen nature area in southern Sweden.


Genarp is a tiny little town with only a few thousand people, a typical small town in Sweden. It’s a great place to start and finish hiking Romeleåsen and Skåneleden (see next section) from because it sits right beside trails, forests, a big lake and rolling hills. The things that makes Romeleåsen so great, they are all a short walk from Genarp.

Not only in the location great, but the walk from the bus to the trail head passes a grocery store, a pizza place and a public toilet – everything you need! No better feeling than sitting down at Genarp Pizzeria & Grill after 20 km on your feet.


Häckebergasjön is a big beautiful lake right outside Genarp, you’ll reach it in just about 30 minutes of hiking. Here you also find Häckeberga Castle which is a site to behold – though the land is technically closed to hotel and restaurant visitors only.

The estate dates back to the 14th century with the current building standing since the last 1800s. If you really want to live the high life, book a lunch, maybe even drive here and start your hike from here after lunch. I can’t tell you in the food is good, but the castle is beautiful.

A long drive way with water on either side, leads out to a peninsula with a old castle style manor from the 1800s on it.


The Romeleåsen area and the Genarp – Häckerga area include portions of Skåneleden. Skåneleden is a 1,250 km hiking trail (consisting of 5 sub-trails, 105 sections) running all through Skåne. The “SL2 – North to south” sub-trail consisting of 32 sections and covering 325 km runs right through Romeleåsen. From Genarp you have easy access to parts of SL2-14 and SL2-15 trails, which you can read more about on the Skåneleden website.

A man sits on a log, one of many logs is a massive pile, they have been cut down and are ready for transport to a lumber yard.

How to get there

Of course you can drive, there are parking lots everywhere including “Ekevallens parkering” right at the trail end and outskirts of Genarp.

We take the bus. From Malmö Centralstation you take the 172. You can’t really mess it up since Malmö C is the first stop and Genarp Busstation is the last stop.
The bus runs once an hour (maybe less on holidays) and costs 50 SEK per person each way. So the day trip will only cost you 100 SEK – or about 10 euros. If you are traveling as two or more people you get a 25% discount if you use the Skånetrafiken APP to buy your tickets (it’s all part of Skåne trying to get people to travel sustainable).

Hiking suggestions and maps

Genarp - Häckeberga Lake Loop

This is a nice 14 km hike, which takes you on forest trails, dirt roads and paved roads.

The route takes you past a couple highlights of the area, Häckeberga Kvarn (ruins of an old mill) and the castle.
Most of the hike is not spent viewing these landmarks though, it gets you away from sights and civilization.
You spend time in nature and get immersed in forest throughout the hike.

Häckeberga Kvarn dates back to well before the 1700s as at this point in time it is first found in writing and is already referred to as being old. This is a great area just to do for a picnic if nothing else.

The castle (Häckerberga Castle) was finished in 1875, it was previously the site of a Renaissance castle from 1530 but it was devastatingly destroyed in the war between Sweden and Denmark.
Aside from that, enjoy the trees, the song of birds and the rushing of water. It’s nature that you will be seeing the most of on this hike.

Good to know is that there is a public bathroom by the start of the trail at Ekevallens parkering.

Trail map with a red line outlining a recommended hiking trail around a lake in Romeleåsen - Häckeberga area.
Brown dirt and leaves cover the ground, there is a river cutting through the land with a wooden bridge crossing it - all the trees around the river have no leaves as spring has not yet arrived.

Genarp - Häckerberga Medium Loop

This loop gives you all the same attractions as the lake loop but takes you a little further and exposes you more to Skåneleden.

At 17.4 km this is a long day on foot – make sure to stay hydrated and bring plenty of snacks – there are no bathrooms or rest stops on the way!

So why should you go the extra 3.4 kms? Well, it gives you the opportunity to see more forest and some of the forestry work going on in the region. Sweden does a lot of clear cutting of forests and this can be witnessed along the way. Don’t worry though Sweden is about 69% covered in forest and it is well managed – right now the growth of new forest is actually outpacing the felling of trees, so Swedish forests are expected to keep growing until at least 2030.

Trail map with a red line outlining a recommended hiking trail around the nature area of Romeleåsen - Häckeberga.
A women sits on a log facing a small lake surrounded by trees.

Genarp - Häckerberga Mega Loop

This is the big one! Nearly 24 km in one day is a long walk. This treck continues to expand on the previous two trails, so you still get to see the old mill and the castle – and a lot of forest and pastures.

This trail covers a lot more of the official Skåneleden trail, specifically SL2-14 and SL2-15.

There are well used paths more or less everywhere and sign posts, so you shouldn’t get lost, but of course take the same care you always would when out in the wilderness.

Malmö airport is close by to parts of this trail so you might get planes passing very close overhead. As this trail takes you further out, and closer to smaller towns, following this trail and Skåneleden in general is the way to go if you want to do more than a day trip and need a place to sleep for the night. Camping is of course also possible.

Trail map with a red line outlining a recommended hiking trail around following Skåneleden trails in the nature area of Romeleåsen - Häckeberga.
A man walking through a clearing between two tree lines, they are pine trees and the ground and trees are covered in moss.

Genarp - Veberöd (one way)

Last, but definitely not least. A one way 11.4 km hike from Genarp to the town of Veberöd. Of course you can make it a 23 km hike and go back too.

Make sure you check bus times for this one – there is a very fast express bus back to Malmö from Veberöd but it goes less often.

This also follows Skåneleden SL2-14 and takes you over the much admired Romeleåsen Ridge which offers great views of the surrounding landscape. 
If you want to make this one a little longer and see more of the higher elevation areas then explore nearby paths before making the sharp right hand turn towards Veberöd, it could be well worth your time.

Trail map with a red line outlining a recommended hiking trail along Romeleåsen ridge from Genarp to Veberöd.
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