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Hi, I’m Nadine – part-time traveler with full-time wanderlust.
I travel the world one weekend and one vacation at a time, and create inspiring travel guides to make your next adventure epic.

I believe the answer to (almost) any question is traveling.
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Komodo National Park boat tour

Komodo National Park boat tour – The ultimate Indonesian experience Komodo National Park is a natural paradise that’ll make you want to stay forever. If you’re looking for an unforgettable Indonesian adventure, then you can’t miss taking a boat tour around this national park. All the things you need to know to have the ultimate […]

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Komodo National Park boat tour

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Explore the beautiful streets, vibrant colours and delicious food of cities all over the world with these fun itineraries.


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Phone Photography guide

Think you need
a professional camera to take amazing photos?

Nope, just my phone photography guide!

Learn what it takes to take amazing pictures with your phone, from composition over the right lighting to colour theory.
Set up your phone’s camera to get the best quality photos.
And last but definitely not least, edit your travel memories with my unique Lightroom presets to make them stand out.

Phone Photography ebook by have you tried traveling

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Lightroom Presets by have you tried traveling
Nadine in front of the Ferris wheel in Dubai.

Hi, I’m Nadine

Part-time traveler with full-time wanderlust.

I’m originally from Germany but have lived abroad for over 10 years, from Canada and the UK to Sweden.

I explore the world one weekend and one vacation at a time and share my experiences, travel and photography tips, and food recommendations on this blog.

I believe the answer to (almost) any question is traveling.
Have you tried it?

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I share my best travel tips, detailed itineraries and delicious food recommendations
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