The best places to visit in Malmö, Sweden

There are plenty of things to do in Malmö year round, and I have explored some of the best places to visit in Malmö in collaboration with @malmotown.

Is Malmö worth visiting?
The simple answer is, yes!

Malmö, the 3rd largest city in Sweden, is definitely worth visiting and exploring, especially during these times when traveling far is not the best idea. During our 3 day staycation we got to visit the best places in Malmö, some of which we’ve never seen despite living here for almost 3 years.

The best places to visit in Malmö.

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Explore the best places to visit in Malmö

Despite living in Malmö for over 6 years there are still a lot of things we haven’t seen, done or eaten yet.

Gamla Staden - The charming old town

Starting off with a classic, Gamla Staden is one of the most popular areas in Malmö. It translates to “old town” and most of its houses, including Malmöhus Castle, are hundreds of years old. 

In the center of Malmö’s old town is Stortorget, “The big square”, surrounded by buildings from the 16th century, like Apoteket Lejonet, the oldest pharmacy in Sweden, dating back to 1571.

Just a few steps from Stortorget lies Lilla Torg, “The little square”. It was built in 1590 for the upper class, after Stortorget became too crowded (aka smelly and noisy). On the south-west corner of Lilla Torg you can find Form/Design center, an art gallery over 3 floors featuring Scandinavian design, architecture and crafts.

Slottsmöllan - A windmill on castle grounds

Right beside Malmöhus Castle is Slottsträdgården, “the castle’s garden”, including a popular cafe and an even more popular windmill. Slottsmöllan, “the castle’s windmill” is over 200 years old and today belongs to the Museum Board.

Malmö from the water

Gamla Staden, the old town of Malmö, is surrounded by canals on 3 sides. In the summer you can rent a boat and ship along the canals with your friends and a picnic in the boat.

Or, if you’d like to know more about the history of the city and get inspiration for other things to do in Malmö, you can hop on one of the tour boats called Rundan, which will take you around the city’s waterways for a couple of hours.

The best travel tips

HYTT Travel Tip:

Do it like the locals, pack for a picnic at Saluhallen and enjoy it on the boat!


A very popular sport in Sweden is Boule, a game in which you try to hit a small ball with larger metal balls. It’s a great game to play with friends, especially after enjoying the delicious brunch Boulebar also offers. Rent indoor or outdoor lanes online, and don’t worry if you don’t know how to play, Boulebar offers professional advice at an extra cost.

Price for 90 minute boule (without a guide): 150 SEK (ca. 15€) per person
Brunch (Saturday and Sunday): 295 SEK (ca. 29,50€) per person for all you can eat

Malmö Museum

Malmö Museum is the name for a collection of museums all across the city.

Ebba’s Hus, the smallest museum in Malmö

One of the most famous houses in Gamla Staden is Ebba’s Hus, a charming little house tucked in between taller buildings on Snapperupsgatan. 

Twine maker Ebba Olsson, daughter of city surveyor Jöns Olsson, lived in this tiny house for her whole life, and donated it to the Malmö Museum in 1984. After she passed away the museum bought her old furniture and preserved the house as a piece of history.

Malmöhus Castle

Malmö’s castle is over (200) years old, featuring renaissance architecture, an art gallery and exhibitions about dinosaurs, marine animals and extinct wildlife. Sounds like an interesting mix? It sure is! But those are not the only fun things to do in Malmöhus Castle.

Just outside the castle, across the street, you can take an old restored tram from the 1920s, Museispårvägen, across parts of the city.

Tickets: 30 SEK (ca. 3€)

While waiting for the tram to leave, enjoy Fiskehoddorna, the adorable fishing shacks right across the tram station. 

The best travel tips

HYTT Travel Tip:

On weekends you can get freshly caught fish at Fiskehoddorna, but you have to get there early!

Disgusting Food Museum

It might not sound appealing but believe me, the Disgusting Food Museum is one of the best places to visit in Malmö.

80 different foods from around the world were carefully put together by Andreas Ahrens, founder of this art gallery style museum. 

Considered disgusting in some parts of the world, all types of food in the Disgusting Food Museum are normal in other parts of the globe.

Ranging from Durian fruit, one of the smelliest fruits in the world, over Haggis (sheep’s heart, liver and lungs) to Hákarl (Iceland shark, hung to dry and rot for 6 months), a visit to the museum is an experience for the senses because you can smell and even eat some of the foods. 

Address: Södra Förstadsgatan 2

Opening times: Wednesday to Sunday, 12 – 18 (during Covid-19 only open Saturdays)
Adult – 185 SEK (ca. 18,50€)
Student/Senior – 150 SEK (ca. 15€)
Children 6-15 years old (only with guardians) – 50 SEK (ca. 5€)
Children under 6 years old – two children enter for free per parent/guardian

Moderna Museet

The Modern Museum of Malmö shows changing exhibitions throughout the year. One of it’s most popular ones is the Andy Warhol exhibition, showing his art and life.

Entry to the museum is free, so it’s the perfect place to visit in Malmö on a rainy day.

Address: Olla Bilgrensplats 2-4

Ribersborg Beach

Yes, believe it or not, Malmö has a beach. Right at the bank of the Öresund straight, dividing Denmark and Sweden, lies Malmö’s Ribersborg beach.

Kallbadhus, a swimming sauna in the Öresund

Swede’s are known for their love of saunas, or “bastu” as it’s called in Swedish, so it’s no surprise that Malmö has one right by the beach. Kallbadhus, or Kallis called by the locals, is a large sauna and swimming pool complex set in the waters of the Öresund. 

Usually, the areas for men and women are separated, but they have special days where everyone can enjoy the space together. You can find those days on their website.

Address: Limhamnsvägen, Brygga 1
Tickets: 70 SEK (ca. 7€)

The best travel tips

HYTT Travel Tip:

Bring a towel and a lock, and enjoy a few hours of sunbathing, swimming and sauna (but be aware, this is an experience enjoyed completely nude).

Picnic with a view

One of the most spectacular views in Malmö is at Ribersborg beach. While having a picnic you can enjoy views of the Öresund bridge, connecting Sweden to Denmark, on one side, and the Turning Torso, landmark of Malmö and the tallest building in Scandinavia, on the other.

The best travel tips

HYTT Travel Tip:

Head to Möllan’s Ost in Möllan and stock up on their delicious cheese, crackers, bread and other snacks, and take it to the beach for a picnic.

No trip is complete without great food

Malmö has some of the best restaurants in Sweden, including fantastic vegan ones. Food is definitely one of the best things to do in Malmö.

Fika, a Swedish tradition

Fika is a Swedish institution; every Swede (and expats or visitors to Sweden), loves fika.
It means having a break, usually enjoyed with a cup of coffee and some pastries or sandwiches.
No matter where you are in Malmö, there is always a great fika place close – guaranteed.

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Lunch at Saluhall, an indoor food market in Malmö

Saluhallen, an indoor market close to Malmö Central Station, is a food lover’s paradise.
You can find anything from hand made sausages and freshly caught fish to Asian street food (Ramen to Biiru) and homemade ice cream (Favvo glass).

Make dinner reservations in the sky

To make your Malmö visit complete, enjoy dinner at Kitchen & Table Malmö kitchenandtablemalmo, a restaurant and bar with a view over the whole city. Opened by famous chef Marcus Samuelsson, Kitchen & Table offers lunch, cocktail brunch and dinner while guests can enjoy the view over Malmö.

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Where to stay in Sweden’s 3rd largest city

Malmö has lots of great neighbourhoods to stay but one of the best is Möllevången, or Möllan as the local’s call it, in the heart of the city.
It’s the most diverse area in Malmö and The More Hotel is located right smack in the middle of it. It offers rooms with a small kitchenette so you can cook your own meals, but honestly, Malmö has some of the best restaurants and cafes in Sweden, which you should definitely try.

Getting around Malmö - eco-friendly

Getting around Malmö is easy, especially if you like biking. You can either rent bikes with MalmöByBike or, if biking is not your thing, download the Skånetrafiken app

During our stay we got to enjoy the beautiful hand-made bikes by Johan Hafström @johan.hafstrom, made from different kinds of wood.

The best travel tips

HYTT Travel Tip:

With the Skånetrafiken app you can buy tickets for buses and trains throughout Skåne, Sweden’s southernmost province. Bonus is, with the app you get 20% off!

Thanks so much for reading my travel guide about the best places to visit in Malmö!
I hope it inspires you to plan your own adventure in this beautiful city.

Säkra resa (safe travels in Swedish),

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