How To Take Amazing Underwater Photos With Your Phone

To take great underwater photos you don’t need a fancy camera or expensive gear. Using just your phone, this guide will show you how to take underwater photos like a pro.

How To Take Amazing Underwater Photos With Your Phone

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How to take amazing underwater photos with your phone.

Prepare to go under

Before jumping into the water and starting to snap away, make sure you’re prepared. There is nothing worse than getting down there and realising you don’t know how the settings of your phone work, or how to snap a photo quickly while getting the focus right.

Here are some basic settings for your phone camera to make sure you take great underwater photos:

Waterproof phone cases

Almost every major phone company also makes waterproof cases. If it’s not made by the manufacturers directly, a quick Google search or look on Amazon will turn up results in seconds.

To make your life easier, here’s a list of great waterproof phone cases for the main phone brands:

The right lighting

Lighting underwater is very different to the general daylight we’re used to.
With every meter below the surface, the light looses more and more colour, which is why underwater photos always have a grey-ish hue if you’re not using a filter.

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Editing your underwater photos

When you see your underwater photos on your camera, they look quite grey and colourless. 
Because of the different qualities of light underwater, editing those kinds of photos requires a different process than above water images.

Follow these simple steps when editing your photos:

Underwater photography of a sea turtle in the galapagos islands

Helpful gear to take your underwater photos to the next level

If you want to experiment a little more with underwater photography, there is some very helpful hear out there.

Gimbals and other stabilizing devices

A gimbal is essentially a device that stabilises your phone, but the term also refers to a simple handle you can attach your phone to.
That, and other stabilizing devices such as rigs, ensure your camera is held steady in underwater currents.

Underwater domes

Everyone knows the domes to create photos that look like they’ve been taken half under, half above water. Those exist for phones too! Simply attach them to your phone and hold it so half the dome is above, and half is below the water surface.

Over and under photo

All images in this post are edited with my Adobe Lightroom presets from the Conscious Collection.

I hope you enjoyed my tips about how to take underwater photos with your phone.
I would love to hear your feedback, comments or questions
XO, Nadine

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