Hiking Pulpit Rock in Norway

Imagine standing on top of a towering cliff, with the wind in your hair and the fjords stretching out below. That’s the magic of Pulpit Rock, or Preikestolen as the locals call it.
It’s one of the easier hikes when it comes to the famous 3: Trolltunga, Pulpit Rock and Kjeragbolten.
You can do this hike from Stavanger as a guided tour or on your own, either way it should definitely on your hiking bucketlist.

Hiking Pulpit Rock

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General trail information

Pulpit Rock isn’t for the faint of heart, mainly because of the steep drop at the top, but it’s totally doable for hikers of all levels.

The trail is around 6.5 km round trip and takes about 1-2 hours each way, depending on your speed and how many breaks you take.
You’ll encounter a mix of rocky terrain, forested paths, and some moderate inclines, but trust me, every step is worth it!

The best travel tips

HYTT Travel Tip:

If you do the hike on your own without a guided tour, make sure to get started before the tours arrive at the main parking lot around 9 am.

Where to start the hike

You can do the Pulpit Rock hike on your own or with a guided tour.
The trail itself is clearly marked and easy to follow.

If you want to do a guided tour, most of them start at Stavanger, either by boat or bus, depending on the tour.

Book your guided tour for hiking Pulpit Rock here!

If you hike on your own, you’ll need a car to drive to Preikestolen P1.
Parking is free and there is a small cafe, washrooms and a tourist information.

The best spots for a break when hiking Pulpit Rock

Along the trail are a few bodies of water which make for a nice spot to take a short break.

Once you get closer to the end of the trail, make a left and go out to the edge of the cliffs to get the famous view of Pulpit Rock jutting out over the Lysefjord.

Pulpit Rock summit

The actual rock hanging over Lysefjord supposedly looks like a preacher’s chair, giving it its name “Preikestolen” in Norwegian.
The views over the fjord on a clear day are incredible, but they can change in a heartbeat due to clouds and fog at that altitude.

When I did this hike, the entire edge of the cliff was covered in thick fog, but after about 30 minutes it had cleared up enough to get a great view.

The best travel tips

HYTT Travel Tip:

At the end of the trail, make a left and go out to the edge of the cliffs to get the famous view of Pulpit Rock jutting out over the fjord.

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The best time to hike Pulpit Rock

The ideal window to hike this trail is from June to October. During these months, you’ll enjoy milder weather and longer daylight hours, making for a more pleasant hiking experience.
Plus, you’ll have a better chance of catching those jaw-dropping views without the fog.

The best travel tips

HYTT Travel Tip:

If you hike on your own, make sure to beat the crowds by starting the hike before 9 am!

What to pack for hiking Pulpit Rock

First things first, comfortable hiking shoes are a must.
Trust me, you’ll thank me later when your feet aren’t begging for mercy!

Next up, don’t forget to pack layers. Norwegian weather can be unpredictable, so it’s smart to be prepared for anything from sunshine to rain (and maybe even a sprinkle of snow if you’re hiking early or late in the season).

Oh, and snacks! You’ll want to fuel up along the way, so toss some trail mix or energy bars into your backpack.

Where to stay

If you’re hiking Pulpit Rock as a day trip from Stavanger, whether on your own or with a guided tour, staying in this charming coastal town is the way to go.

Find the best hotel deals in Stavanger here!

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Thanks so much for reading my travel guide about hiking Pulpit Rock in Norway!

God tur (safe travels in Norwegian),

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