The best things to do eat at Malmöfestivalen

Malmöfestivalen is an outdoor festival happening in Malmö every year in August. It’s full of food, live music, art and fairs games. The food at Malmöfestivalen is one of the highlights though. I’ve tried my way through all the delicious street food stalls to bring you the best things to eat at Malmöfestivalen.

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Things to eat at Malmöfestivalen
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Fisky business

Fisky business is a Danish food truck selling, you guessed it, fish. Their fish tacos are not only incredibly delicious but also sustainable (MSC certified). You can get a smakportion (appetizer) for 40 SEK or buy 3 tacos for 100 SEK.

3 fish tacos at malmofestivalen, a food festival in Malmo, Sweden.


Ever heard of savoury Japanese pancakes? No, we didn’t either. But these pancakes have been rated the best food at Malmöfestivalen by Sydsvenska newspaper, and boy were they right. Fluffy pancakes made with eggs and topped with pickled ginger, bacon, red cabbage, shaved dried tuna, spicy mayo and green onions.

Savory japanese pancakes at malmofestivalen, a food festival in malmo, sweden.

Green fries

Who doesn’t like fresh crunchy fries that are not only delicious but also organic? Choose from different flavored salts to go with them as well as various dips. We had the roasted garlic salt and smoked chili dip. One word: amazing!

Crispy organic fries at malmofestivalen, a food festival in malmo, sweden.


There’s 3 different Langos stalls at malmöfestivalen and they’re all great. Don’t know what Langos is? It’s deep fried dough topped with anything from sour cream and cheese to shrimp and caviar. You can also get a sweet version with Nutella. We like to keep it simple and get Langos with sour cream, cheese and onions.

Langos at malmofestivalen, a food festival in malmo, sweden.


Did anyone say churros? We’re suckers for anything sweet and churros are high up on our list of fave foods. There are 3 different places for churros at malmöfestivalen and our favourite is AhlgrensChurreria. Their churros are fresh and hot, crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside. Just how we like ‘em. We always get the ones drenched in Nutella, because why not?

A paper cone full of deep fried churros with molten nutella chocolate sauce on top.


We’re trying to cut back our meat consumption but when there’s a place that has moose kebab and wild boar ribs, we had to try it. Of course, the meat is quite gamey so I didn’t enjoy it very much, but Peter really liked it. Especially the ribs. They randomly come with nacho chips on the side, but that added crunch is quite nice.

A plate with wild boar ribs topped with nacho chips and coleslaw. A paper cone filled with moose meat kebab topped with sauce. At malmofestivalen in Malmo, Sweden.
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