The best Iceland travel tips

The land of ice and fire is on almost everyone’s bucket list, so let me share the best travel tips for visiting Iceland. 

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The Best Iceland Travel Tips
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Iceland Travel Tip #1 - When to visit

Located in the middle of the North Atlantic and Arctic Ocean, Iceland is a great place to visit year-round.
Depending on what you want to see and do, there are different times you should visit. Spring and Summer turn the island into a (xx) of lush greens, and you get a chance of seeing the Midnight Sun when the sun doesn’t set. The best months for this are June to August.

In the winter, a blanket of ice and snow covers Iceland during December to March.

Iceland Travel Tip #2 - What to pack

Depending on the time of year your packing list for visiting Iceland changes dramatically. 
The summers are warm and the sun may never set, but winter temperatures drop well below freezing.

Visiting Iceland in the summer

During the month of June you can see the famous Midnight Sun, and you have plenty of time to discover everything Iceland has to offer. For the perfect week in Iceland, check out this 5 Day Itinerary exploring the country’s south.

Iceland travel tips: packing list for summer

Visiting Iceland in the winter

Winter in Iceland is magical, even when the temperatures drop well below freezing. To stay warm and enjoy Northern Lights and ice caves, make sure you dress in layers.

Iceland travel tips: packing list for winter

Iceland Travel Tip #3 - Getting around

Iceland is not very big on public transport, especially not outside its capital city, Rejkjavik. 
So the best travel tip I can give you for exploring Iceland is to rent a car!
That way you can discover the country of ice and fire at your own pace, and visit all the places you want to see. If you need inspiration for an itinerary, check out the one below.

Iceland Travel Tip #4 - Places to visit

There are many amazing places to visit in Iceland. From geothermal hot springs to glaciers, Iceland has it all. 

The Golden Circle

One of the most famous routes in Iceland is the Golden Circle. Stretching from the capital city Rejkjavik to Laugarvatn, it covers all the different natural wonders Iceland is known for.

You can book a Golden Circle tour, or explore it on your own. It is even possible to cover the whole route in a matter of hours, making it a great activity during a long layover.

Rejkjavik, the capital city

Rejkjavik, Iceland’s capital city, is definitely worth a visit. Most Golden Circle tours start from here, and a lot of people explore the city before continuing across the rest of the country.

Here’s a list of the main sites to see in Rejkjavik:

Iceland Travel Tip #5 - Where to stay

Iceland has very charming places to stay if you know where to look. From log cabins at the foot of a mountain, to farms where you can enjoy breakfast with eggs and milk from the farm animals, Iceland has it all.

Have a look at some great places to stay below:

What to know before you go

One of the most important travel tips before visiting Iceland is that it’s a cashless country. To the point where you can buy a re-loadable credit card right at the airport and use it everywhere during your stay.

It’s also worth mentioning that Iceland isn’t cheap. 
Have a look at this list to plan your budget ahead, without any surprises.

Practical travel tips for visiting Iceland

Iceland is part of the Schengen area within the EU, so any European National does not need a visa. For all those who do have to apply for a Schengen visa, it’s valid for 90 days and you can also use it to travel to other Schengen countries like Norway, Switzerland and Liechtenstein.

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