The best hiking trails in Skåne, Sweden

Guest post written by Peter Eriksson

I wouldn’t be writing a post about the best hiking in Skåne if I did not think I was qualified to do so. Granted I have only been hiking in Skåne for one summer but in that time I managed to cover 112.1 km (just over half of my recorded km for 2019 took place in Skåne).

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Best hiking in Skane
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This is one of my favorite areas in Skåne. It’s beautiful, it has lots of different trail options (difficulty and length) and Romeleåsen has easy access from all major cities and towns in Skåne.

Pine trees stand tall, but there are plenty of other things to explore. Rivers, lakes, the remains of an old mill or maybe book lunch at an old castle (otherwise you can’t get in).

Entering or exiting the nature reserve via Genarp also gives you access to a grocery store and some pizza places in addition to parking and public transport. You get everything here and it’s really just an easy experience, almost no planning required.

A man walking up a dirt trail surrounded by tall pine trees.


Over 1,250 km of hiking trails through all of Skåne. Enough said?

Okay, I will add a bit more. This isn’t a region to hike like everything else in this post has been, this is a trail system. My recommendation is actually to follow Skåneleden in all of my previously mentioned favorite places to hike in Skåne because it cuts through all off them and they have great signage so, hopefully, you don’t get lost.

Since you made it this far in the blog, I’ll also give you the tip that they offer great hiking suggests of their own, here.

  1. Romeleåsen
  2. Falsterbo Peninsula
  3. Ven
  4. Söderåsen National Park
  5. Kullaberg (never been…)
  6. Knivsåsen & Dalby Söderskog National Park
  7. Kåseberga & Ales Stenar
  8. Skåneleden

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