High Atlas Mountains day trip from Marrakech

A short drive outside of Marrakech lies incredible nature – the High Atlas Mountains.
To escape the busy city go on a day trip and see peaceful little villages that didn’t have electricity until 1995. Hike along paths with breath-taking views of the snowy peaks and enjoy delicious Moroccan food in a traditional Berber home.

Atlas Mountain Day Trip From Marrakech

High Atlas Mountains day trip from Marrakech

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Atlas Mountains Day Trip From Marrakech

On The Way To The Mountains

There are 2 stops on the way to the Atlas Mountains.

A Camel Ride At The Foot Of The Mountains

The first stop of the tour is a farm where you get dressed in traditional clothing and head scarf before going for a camel ride.
After this wobbly experience you’ll have typical Moroccan mint tea while admiring the stunning scenery of the High Atlas Mountains.

Azrou Village

The 2nd stop on the way to the mountains is an Argan oil co-operative in the village of Azrou. Azrou means rock in Arabic and the village is located only 35km from Marrakech.
During the visit to the Argan oil co-operative you learn how the women dry the nuts and then ground the seeds into oil to make cooking oils or cosmetics. If you want to shop Argan oil products to bring home this is the best opportunity as you’ll get great value for money.
At the co-operative they serve delicious breakfast with fresh Moroccan bread and three different dips made from Argan nuts.

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Wandering Through The Mountains

After a small breakfast you’ll head straight for the mountains to Imlil.
It’s a small town in the middle of the mountains from where the hike starts to Ait Souka village.
The paths lead through incredible mountain scenery past tiny little villages without cars. People here get around on mules or horses.

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Toubkal National Park

Just outside of Imlil located in Toubkal National Park is Kasbah Toubkal, a beautiful hotel with gorgeous views of the snowy mountain peaks.
It’s an eco lodge offering luxury in the High Atlas Mountains.
For the next hour and a half there’s no cars and very little people. The nature and views are breath taking, the air is super clear and there is beautiful waterfalls in the mountains.
Halfway to the final stop in Ait Souka there’s a quick snack and mint tea break in Aroumd.

Berber Lunch In Ait Souka

After a late lunch at a typical Berber house in Ait Souka the tour ends back in Marrakech.

I hope you enjoyed this travel guide to the Atlas Mountains.
I would love to hear your feedback, comments or questions!
XO, Nadine

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