How To Work From Home – Efficiently

Working from home and being efficient whole doing so is not an easy task.
There are many things to distract us: pets, good things to watch on Netflix, stuff that needs doing around the house… But getting shit done while working from home is just as important as getting shit done while sitting in a traditional office. So here is everything you need to know about how to work from home efficiently.

How To Work From Home – Efficiently

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How to work from home efficiently

Set the right base: The perfect home office

Working efficiently from home requires the right base first. You wouldn’t be able to deliver your best work without the right tools and environment, right?

The key points here are to designate an area in your home for working, making that space as ergonomic as possible, and being organised.

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home office for two people with desk, two chairs and two storage units
infographic for ergonomic working environment

A good routine is key

Even when you’re working from home you need to have a routine to be most efficient.

Choose your working hours

Working from home is great because you can decide how many hours you want to work, and when. Set yourself an alarm every morning, get dressed as if you actually went to work, and find a morning routine that works for you.

Tip: don’t use your phone for the first hour of the day. Nothing is more stressful, and makes you less efficient, than seeing all the emails and social media notifications you got over night.

coffee cup and muffin for breakfast
woman holding clock in front of her face

Schedule regular breaks from work

We all know the feeling of being on a roll and forgetting everything around us. But taking regular breaks is proven to make you more efficient and productive.

Go for a walk, or a quick workout to get your blood flowing and to clear your head.

Also make sure you eat and drink enough, nothing is worse than getting a headache and not being able to finish what you wanted to do. There are apps like this one to remind you to drink water!

Tip: don’t get distracted by your phone. Set it on Do Not Disturb during your working hours.

woman doing yoga as a break from working from home
two water glasses on a tray as refreshments when taking a break from working
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Good time management to work efficiently

Managing your time well is key to working from home efficiently. 

Set realistic goals

Just like while working from a regular office you need realistic goals and expectations, the same applies for working from home.
Make yourself daily and weekly To-Do lists, prioritise the tasks and set yourself deadlines.

Tip: I divide my tasks into Prio 1 (has to get done today), Prio 2 (should get done today) and Prio 3 (could do tomorrow).

Get a calender to have an overview of your weeks and month, and to see the different deadlines at a glance.

notebook with to do list and croissants, coffee and flowers
calender overview while working from home

Be smart about your time

Good time management is not just about knowing how to structure the time you have, but also how to save time.

A good thing to save time is to schedule video/voice calls with colleagues or clients. This way you avoid sending multiple emails back and forth, and prevent miscommunication.

Tip: choose the right music while working from home. Video game music has been proven to increase productivity!

Flatlay of laptop, notebook and coffee mug on desk while working from home
flatlay of phone and headphones to stay motivated and focused while working from home
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