The 10 Best Gifts For Travel Lovers

Finding the right gifts for travel lovers isn’t easy. Things need to be practical, lightweight, durable and multifunctional for all kinds of places and activities.
Here are the 10 best gift ideas that tick all those boxes and are sure to get your travel loving friends and family excited for their next trip.

The 10 Best Gifts for Travel Lovers

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1. Packing cubes

Packing light is essential when traveling, especially when any extra luggage costs money. Packing cubes help to keep things organised, wrinkle-free and make it easier to fit more into less space.

My favourites are these ones from Travel Dude because they’re made from recycled plastic.

Packing cubes gift ideas for travel lovers

2. Zero waste, eco-friendly personal care products

Yeah, I can travel the world with a 100ml Shampoo bottle, said no traveler, ever. 
So gift the travel lovers in your life shampoo, conditioner and soap bars instead! They last twice as long as liquid shampoos, are environmentally friendly, and don’t count as liquid in your luggage. Plus, instead of plastic containers these bars can be packed in re-usable metal boxes.

My favourites are these ones from Lush.

3. Re-usable water bottle

Keeping hydrated being on the road all day is well and easy in Europe and other western countries. Traveling through more remote areas and finding fresh, clean water is more challenging, though. Plus, buying bottled water everywhere you go can get expensive, and it’s not very sustainable. A re-usable water bottle like this one will solve all those problems, and it even keeps your drinks hot or cold for 12-24 hours.

4. Powerbank

When you’re on the road there are tons of things that need to be charged: phone, laptop, camera, drone… so this powerbank lets you charge 3 devices at the same time, multiple times.

5. SD cards for phone and/or camera

Extra storage on your phone and/or camera for all those travel photos is key, and this SD card can provide up to 1 TB of storage (yes, that’s TERRAbyte).

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6. Laptop bag

Besides phone and camera equipment, laptops are every travelers best friend. Keeping it safe and protected from scratches or the weather is important, and this laptop bag will do just that.

7. Unsiversal adapter

No matter where you are in the world, you need to plug in something: your phone, laptop, drone etc. And not all hotels provide adapters for those situations so bringing your own is key. This universal adapter allows you to plug it into any wall outlet across the world, and then connect your equipment via USB.

8. Safety bag for valuables

Passports, wallets with credit cards and IDs, phones…there are so many things travelers have to keep safe on the road that having a secure place to keep it all comes in handy.

9. Flight vouchers

Gifting the travel lovers in your life vouchers for flights is a fantastic idea. They can choose when and where to travel, and they can save money in the process.

10. Subscriptions

Believe it or not, subscriptions to certain programs, podcasts or streaming services are actually an amazing gift for travel lovers. They’re not physical products that have to be carried around, but they allow any travel lover to kill some time during a delayed flight or layover (Netflix), edit their favourite travel photos (Lightroom), or listen to music and podcasts while traveling (Spotify, iTunes etc).

I hope you enjoyed this list about the best gifts for travel lovers.
I would love to hear your feedback, comments or questions!
XO, Nadine

10 best gifts for travel lovers

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