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(Almost) Free Things To Do In Malmö

Sweden is, compared to the rest of Europe, quite expensive. But there is lots to do that is free or almost free. So here is our summary of what free in Malmö.

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Parks and beaches

The view of Kallbadshuset from Ribersborg beach in Malmo. Its a sauna located at the end of a pier with access to the Oresund ocean. A sandy beach in the foreground with some grass patches. The water is clear and calm. White clouds are lightly tinted due to the coming sunset.
Ribersborg Kallbadshuset, a sauna with access to the Oresund straight.

Spring and summer are the best times to visit Malmö. Gorgeous parks and beaches are free to use and it’s easy to have a good time. 

The main three parks in Malmö are Slottsparken (the castle park), Kungsparken (the King’s park) and Folkets Park (the people’s park). You can bring a picnic blanket and even small BBQs to spend hours here with friends.

For a less city type of vibe head to Ribersborg beach instead. From here you have a great view of the Öresund Bridge connecting Malmö with Copenhagen. Every July Ribersborg beach transforms into a fun location with beach bars, games, dance and a floating parkour.

Travel with the Erikssons icon compass with water coloured brush background Tip: dress in layers because the weather in Malmö can be unpredictable!

Street art

If you want to go for a walk or bike ride check out the cool street art around the city. Malmö has some creative graffiti paintings all around the city, some even by quite famous artists.

Like The Troll by Smug One for example, which takes over 8 storeys of a residential building in Holma. Another one is this cool piece by London-based artist Phlegm which incorporates parts of the building it is painted on.

Admire the architecture

On the way keep your eyes open for gorgeous architecture like Emporia, a shopping mall located in the Hyllie area. It has an impressive curved glass front and colour-coordinated staircases inside. Another one is the World Maritime Museum in Gamla Stan with a modern glass front fused with the original building from the 1980s.

Museums and galleries

There’s a few really cool spots around Malmö that are free to go, like Moderna Museet. They have 3-4 exhibitions at a time and a workshop where you can get creative yourself. 

At Triangeln Station you can find Malmö Konsthall, an art gallery featuring contemporary pieces.

Have fika

Since it’s Sweden there is always a place where you can have fika, a small break with coffee and cake.

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Healthy and delicious fika at Cafe Holmgangen.

Malmö is a great city and has lots to offer that doesn’t cost anything. Or at least very little. As such there is plenty to do for free in Malmo. Check out our articles on all things Malmo.

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