The Netherlands

Welcome to The Netherlands, the most low-lying country in Europe. Discover its colourful tulips, charming windmills and picturesque cities.

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Mid-April to September
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Euro, with 1 USD being equivalent to 0.83 Euros.

Traveling The Netherlands

Often an under-estimated travel destination, The Netherlands has a lot to offer. Charming old windmills, fields covered in thousands of tulips, and beautiful architecture, just to name a few reasons to visit this country.
Being the most low-lying country in Europe, 1/3 of The Netherlands is below sea level. That and strong winds making it a great destination for many water sports (and a pioneer in wind-energy)!

Tulips and windmills

One of the flattest countries in the world, The Netherlands boast lush green countryside, meeting a rugged coastline around its edges. During early summer, around April and May, the fields explode with colour – tulip season is here. And sprinkled across the country are over a thousand windmills, 19 of which are located at the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Kinderdijk.

Cities of beauty

The Netherlands are famous for one city in particular: Amsterdam. Charming cobblestone streets are winding between narrow houses and lazy flowing canals. It’s where Dutch Renaissance meets modern architecture, history meets today’s world. 
There are more bikes than people in The Netherlands!