Discover Europe

Europe will capture your heart and spark your imagination, one country and city at a time, and each in its own unique way.
It’s a continent full of magic and romance, rich in history and culture, and no other place in the world will enchant you like Europe.
The best way to travel its sensational cities like Paris and Madrid is by train, watching as the endless streets turn into nature, and into cities once again. Each place in Europe has its own charm, from romantic bridges in Paris to ancient wonders in Rome, or exotic markets in Morocco. Discover the wonders of the European continent!

Did you know?

The continent is made up of a total of 44 countries, with The Vatican in Italy as the smallest country in the world!
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Best Time To Travel

During the spring and summer months, April to August, is the best time to visit Europe.


One of the 7 wonders of the world, the Colosseum in Rome. The oldest castle in Europe in Prague.

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Traveling Europe

Europe consists of 44 countries, each of which has its unique culture, language and traditions. It’s one of a kind – the icy north, with magnificent fjords, icy lakes and vast mountain ranges. The charming south, living life at a slower pace and feeding the soul with beautiful islands, cobblestone streets and culinary masterpieces. Central Europe, full of bustling cities, a fast pace and historical wonders.
It’s not hard to believe the fascination with a continent as diverse as Europe.

Feed Your Soul

The freedom of movement in Europe allows cultures and traditions to change, evolve, and fuse together. The culinary diversity is delicious proof of that – enjoy fabulous tapas in Spain, fresh fish along the coast of Sweden, curated chocolate in Belgium, or masterly crafted cheese in France. Eating your way through these cuisines is the best way to travel Europe.