Travelling to Chile might sound like a crazy prospect – for those of us not living in South America it is pretty far away. It is worth the trip!

Chile covers most of the west coast of South America and is a very long and slim nation. This means you have a lot of different climates and landscapes to explore. Adventure tourism including skiing is very popular while travelling to Chile.

When we traveled to Chile we made sure to visit Patagonia and Easter Island. Since Chile is such a spread out country these locations can take along time to get to as they are very remote. There are a lot of flights and connections though, so getting around the country is easy.

Since we are in the Southern Hemisphere, the most popular time to travel to Chile is from November to March. We recommend visiting Chile in October though. We had wonderful weather, it hardly rained at all, just some drizzle and the sun was shinning all the time. In October there are also far less visitors and you will be very well taken care of as everyone is putting their best foot forward at the start of the tourist season.

We really hope you will enjoy visiting Chile and wish you all the best in your travels!